Our Mission and Vision

  • Mission"To be one of the most distinguished technology company to create market place in logistics space which increase the visibility and transparency for all stakeholders through innovative technology solutions and reliable service excellence."
  • Vision"To provide the most reliable and affordable technology solutions and services in logistics"

Who we are?

Powered by massive data and Innovation, Unanu is well poised to bring in Disruptive Technology in Logistics through Market place and end to end logistics platform.

With Plethora of Truck, Trucker and intermediates Database, Unanu continuously monitors the movement of Freight to provide much needed insights-enabling you to make better decisions more proactive logistics decisions.

Our DNA- 3 Ts’ Trust is an integral part of our business culture. Our stakeholders experience this insight in all our solutions for a long haul.

Technology is an ever-changing platform. In Unanu, we are dedicated to provide new experiences to our customers and partners through accelerating our technological capabilities.

Time is of essence in any business and Logistics is no exception. Unanu’s solutions makes it possible for the customers to deliver the material on time everytime.

Unleashing Logistics Performance With the AI capability Unanu is making inroads to help brands and Logistics companies to provide ontime delivery everytime and improve cost efficiency so that our customers can serve better theirs.

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"We can be your great business partner and help you grow strongly."